Editstrap API - Editable field for Bootstrap

An API for Editable fields with Bootstrap and JQuery.
Transform your static fields into dynamic forms.
Increase your productivity when updating fields more easily.

Editstrap support all these plugins.

Quick Demo - Click to edit

Please hover text and click to edit and make it editable.

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JQuery - Bootstrap
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05/11/2015 12:00
Mrs Julia FLOR
New York
Editstrap is a plugin that transforms your text into editable fields to update them easily. It is written using JQery API and it uses some Bootstrap plugins like datepicker and select2



Editstrap is written from scratch using JQuery and Bootstrap APIs. Other APIs are used to perform some features like Select2.


Many options are available to help you customising your code and give you more flexibility.

Easy to use

Just select your editable field and Editstrap will take car of the rest. Many simples are available and we have the pleasure to support you


Editstrap is full compatible with many javascript plugins. Please see documentation.


Why you develop complex edit pages with many fields and with a long scroll bar when you can use Editstrap to make you static fields editable?


Editstrap respect best practice of javascript programming. Explore the power of Editstrap with full documentation.

Edit a field: Editstrap VS standard edit

Actually, when you would like to update a field, you have to edit all fields in a form and update what you want. Than you save your changes.

Here is an example of customer data. If you want to change the last name, you have to update all fields and send to the server all data. Some time you need to change the page and load another to update a field. With Editstrap, it's so easy to update the last name, just click and update.

With Editstrap you will send to the server only the changed value.

Standard Edit
First name :
Last name :
Age :
Date of birth :
Phone :
01 2 876 678
Email :
First name :
Last name :
Age :
Date of birth :
Phone :
01 2 876 678
Email :

Editstrap VS existing inline editable plugins

Yes, you can find similar plugins to Editstrap like X-editable. But these plugins are so light when we compare them to Editstrap. However, Editstrap is more powerful thanks to his flexibility and compatibility with lot of Bootstrap plugins. You can find below a short list of the difference that explain how Editstrap is more powerful:

  • Editstrap support complex type
  • Append and prepend element
  • Many options to customize editable field according to your requirements
  • Easy to integrate

Editstrap's news

05-18-2016 New release new features3.2.0

  • New type: change image to upload a new one (Show more)
  • Add validate/cancel buttons as a block (Show more)
  • Not modify CSS of the editable field
  • Add placeholder in complex type

12-03-2015 New release new features3.1.0

  • Open next editable field after a successful update (Show more)
  • Support Typeahead plugin (Show more)
  • Support spinner type (Show more)
  • Add classes to cutomise append and prepend display (Show more)
  • Add after change value function (Show more)
  • Add placeholder option (Show more)
  • Add spinner for Ajax request
  • Exclude more classes when click outside editable
  • Define pk and name as attribute in the editable field

If you want to suggest a new feature, please do not hesitate to share it with us here